Beach Gear for Sale Charleston, SC – Beachables

You’ve Found Your Beach Gear Headquarters

Packing for the beach can make you realize just how unprepared you are to stay comfortable, dry, and–most importantly–fashion forward during your vacation! Fortunately, you’ve found the ultimate treasure trove of beach gear for sale. Charleston is home to Beachables, your source for wraps, cover-ups, dresses, and our signature 3-in-1 bag.

Browse our online catalog, choose the item and colors that best match your personal style, and check out our customization options as well! The next time you hit the beach, you’ll be ready with clothes and accessories that everyone will be asking you about.

Everything You Need for an Incredible Day

In our catalog of beach gear for sale, Charleston residents and visitors alike will find a wealth of colorful, versatile, and durable accessories to get them ready for a fantastic day of sun, surf, and sand. Fun, fashionable cover-ups and dresses? Check. Spacious tote bags that double as towels and chair covers? Check.

Our company was founded to give families a resource for beach gear that makes each visit to the ocean even more enjoyable, memorable, and fun. We know that you’ll come to depend on your Beachable 3-in-1 bag and the other unique, fun items that you select from our catalog.

Gift Ideas for Beach Lovers

Anyone who enjoys visiting the beach needs a Beachable! Our beach gear for sale in Charleston is perfect for wedding, graduation, birthday, or anniversary gifts. Part of what makes them so great is the fact that there are a range of different embroidery, monogram, and other customization options to choose from. 

If you’re searching for “beach gear for sale near me” in order to find the perfect gift idea, check out the Beachable 3-in-1 bag. It’s impossible to not love this vibrantly colored bag, chair cover, and luxurious towel all in one durable, made-in-the-USA product.


Q: What types of beach gear does Beachables offer?

A: In our store and our online catalog you’ll find the original Beachable 3-in-1 bag as well as fashionable beach wear for women and girls–cover-ups, wraps, skirts, and more! Keep an eye on Beachables, though, because we will soon be adding more items and lines to our offerings that you won’t want to miss.

Q: I can’t find beach gear for sale near me that’s high quality. How durable are Beachables?

A: As folks who love visiting the beach as often as we can, we understand the frustration of totes and towels that wear out quickly, or that are just not large enough to easily carry everything you need. Our decision to create and sell Beachables was specifically to solve those problems for families, so we ensure that our bags are tough, well built, and made from high quality materials. Each item in our catalog is hand-sewn right here in the USA.

Q: I don’t go to the beach often, but I love the look of your clothes!

A: Good news–we’ve crafted our wraps and other garments to be suitable for all kinds of occasions, not just lounging on the sand under the sun. They’re so comfortable and stylish that you will find yourself reaching for them whenever you visit friends, go for a special dinner, or just hang out by the pool.

Q: What’s the secret of the incredible softness of Beachable products?

A: The secret is Turkish cotton. There’s just no substitute for this amazing material, and by using it to create the Beachable bag, we also made it able to double as a comfortable towel that looks great and feels great at the same time.