Meet the Founders

Mary and Dan Watters with their son, Carson

Beachables was started by our founders Mary and Dan Watters, whose journey began on the breathtaking shores of Big Island, Hawaii, in 2017. It was during their trip there that the idea of the Beachables bag took root. But the seeds of the creative instinct were already embedded back in Mary’s early years.

As a young girl, Mary's mother occasionally crafted clothing for her, igniting her love for sewing. At the age of 14, Mary took a 4H sewing class and discovered a whole new world of creative pursuits. With a growing passion for design, Mary started creating clothes for her young boys and herself in her early 20’s.

While the demand for her unique creations grew within the community, Mary faced a pivotal decision - to hire help and expand her business or pursue her college education. Opting for the latter, Mary put away her sewing machine, completed her degrees in law, and practiced as an attorney for 18 years.

In 2017, on a work trip to Hawaii, Mary, and her husband Dan, were inspired by the chair covers they enjoyed at their resort pool. Mary’s passion for sewing came surging back, and The Beachable was born!

She embarked on a mission to create a high-quality, functional, and stylish beach accessory that truly elevates your beach and poolside experiences. And under Mary’s creative vision, what started as a beach and pool chair cover transformed into a versatile beach tote bag with a built-in towel.

From the early prototypes made from terry cloth towels to the addition of personalized embroidery, Beachables quickly gained attention and admiration. Festivals and markets provided the platform to share their handcrafted creations, and as demand soared, they expanded their manufacturing space to accommodate a growing team of talented stitchists.

At this point, with unwavering support from Dan, Mary left her legal career to devote herself wholeheartedly to Beachables. Joined by her sister and a growing team, they embarked on a journey to bring their vision to life. Mary and Dan’s young son Carson is also a big supporter of Beachables and enjoys helping out with modeling, markets, and other tasks around the shop.

From innovative, soft, luxurious Turkish cotton bags to stylish cover-ups and dresses, every item created at Beachables, our designs offer both function and beauty.

Today, Beachables proudly operates its flagship store, Beachables Coastal Collection, offering not only its exceptional products but also a curated selection of beach-inspired gifts and accessories. In 2021, we expanded further with Beachables on King, a retail location in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

Visit our online store to order from anywhere in the country or come see us on your next visit to Charleston!